Friday, June 26, 2009

ditch on a bad trail

a month ago without closure. without any word from you. i feel like i'm staring to a stranger who used to be friend. a fellow in a trail, buddy on a session. in just one night, everything changed.

i pretend that everything is alright whenever i see you. i fake every moment that it doesn't matter anymore. but it does. i promised myself not to think of you. the other way around, have you ever think of me? we left everything hanged. can't get over. i just need to hear it from you. everything.

lately i realize, i won't be able to move on if i keep on holding on to what you have said. and yes, finally i'm into it!

an intro to an old flame

i never done this for a long time. i think it has been months or even a year since the last time i posted a blog. lately I'v e been doing it on my handy ipod whenever i feel like saying something which is most of the time, when i feel bad.. publishing it secretly.

to my reader, my cousin Eden, here you go!